Hapee Mainstream is available in 4 exciting flavors: Hapee Fresh and Cool White, Hapee Explosive Menthol Red, Hapee Outrageous Blue Chill and Hapee Fresh Green Outburst. They are available in 150ml, 100ml, 50ml, and 25ml tubes as well as in 33g and 60g sachets. Hapee Mainstream is now offering two new and thrilling flavors that the whole family is sure to enjoy: Hapee Classic White and Hapee Sparkling Peppermint Frost. Both are limited edition variants are available in sa Sulit Doble Pack – two tubes of 150ml or 100ml, for a lower price – giving more value to the consumer.


The Hapee Specialty toothpaste range gives you an extra boost of icy freshness sensation for that extra boost of confidence.


Every tube of Kutitap gives you: Anti-cavity protection that helps keep your teeth strong and fresher breath with its burst of minty flavor to give you that confidence to show off your sparkling white teeth. Kutitap is available in 2 exciting flavors: Healthy Fresh White and Dynamite Red variants in 50mL, 100mL and 150mL sizes. Available in selected regions in the Philippines.