Dreamworks KungFu Panda toothpaste

The most important changes in your child’s teeth happen from the ages of 6-12. As their milk teeth are replaced by permanent ones so does their need to shift to toothpaste that would care for them better. Get your growing child brushing with Hapee Buddy!

Its special formulation includes Calcium and Fluoride that strengthen teeth enamel and Vitamin C which promotes healthy gums. Your kid‘s teeth are sure to get the twin protection they require in this crucial stage of development. Plus, Hapee Buddy’s kiwi flavor is certain to provide whole mouth freshness.

Disney Mickey & Friends toothpastes

Our Hapee Kiddie toothpaste believes that a child’s need differs from an adult’s need – so why use the same toothpaste? Hapee Kiddie comes in 7 kidciting flavors that would help make brush time a fun time!

Disney Frozen toothpastes

Our Hapee Kiddie toothpaste now has improved anti-cavity protection so you can say bye-bye to tooth decay the fun way! Choose from a wide variety of kid-citing flavors that are sure to make your children look forward to brushing their teeth!

Hapee Kiddie toothpaste – making brush time fun time!

Hapee Baby Infant Toothgel

Hapee Baby Infant Toothgel is specially designed for children 4-24 months and provides:
• Baby-friendly and non-foaming formula
• Gentle care for baby’s milk teeth
• Cavity protection with no added SLS

Hapee Baby Infant Toothgel comes with Strawberry Milkshake flavor with no added sugar and artificial colors.