Disney Mickey & Friends toothpastes

Our Hapee Kiddie toothpaste believes that a child’s need differs from an adult’s need – so why use the same toothpaste? Hapee Kiddie comes in 7 kidciting flavors that would help make brush time a fun time!

Disney Frozen toothpastes

Our Hapee Kiddie toothpaste now has improved anti-cavity protection so you can say bye-bye to tooth decay the fun way! Choose from a wide variety of kid-citing flavors that are sure to make your children look forward to brushing their teeth!

Hapee Kiddie toothpaste – making brush time fun time!

Hapee Baby Infant Toothgel

Hapee Baby Infant Toothgel is specially designed for children 4-24 months and provides:
• Baby-friendly and non-foaming formula
• Gentle care for baby’s milk teeth
• Cavity protection with no added SLS

Hapee Baby Infant Toothgel comes with Strawberry Milkshake flavor with no added sugar and artificial colors.