Hapee IcyFresh

Hapee IcyFresh

The Hapee Specialty toothpaste range gives you an extra boost of icy freshness sensation for that extra boost of confidence.

Hapee IcyFresh +Whitening

Get that cool and refreshing taste and icy fresh sensation with Hapee Icy Fresh +Whitening with cooling beads for a burst of freshness in your mouth, and awesome minty flavor that makes you go “wow!” It now comes with advanced whitening too!


  • ActivWhiteners that effectively strip stains away for that sparkling white smile
  • Cooling beads that burst and release cooling menthol while you brsh for a surge of icy freshness
  • Icy blue toothgel with maximum fluoride protection that fights tooth decay and protects teeth


Available in 100ml and 150ml.

Hapee IcyFresh Red

Hapee Icy Fresh Red contains cooling beads that release cooling menthol while you brush for a surge of long lasting icy-freshness! It comes in a translucent sparkling red toothgel with maximum fluoride protection to fight tooth decay and protect teeth.


Available in 100ml and 150ml.


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