What our Logo symbolizes

Lamoiyan is more than just brands and products, Lamoiyan is committed to excellence in every aspect of their business.


The corporate logo best represents this commitment. The graphic rendition of the letter “L” within the circle is the first letter of Lamoiyan but it likewise resembles an arrowhead. Just as an arrow is aimed at a specific target, Lamoiyan is focused on its goal to produce world-class quality products that are within the average Filipino’s reach. Products proudly Philippine made.


This is the service Lamoiyan offers to Filipinos, a calling that allows the company to give glory to God. As an arrowhead is sharp, so are the men and women behind Lamoiyan, who keep themselves alongside each other with developments in technology and marketing in order to create globally competitive products.

The circle represents eternity, the timeless and unwavering commitment to deliver world-class quality products at affordable prices.


The color red represents passion and the drive towards progress and prosperity. Lamoiyan is an active participant in Filipino business and commerce as it aims to spur the country’s progress and prosperity. Its products are Lamoiyan’s ways of improving the Filipino’s quality of life.


The symbolic logo is what’s first visible as you enter the Lamoiyan headquarters. For the first time visitor, this may seem like any other home to a manufacturing and corporate team. This team however is unique and that 20% of its team is comprised of men and women who are Deaf. Lamoiyan has earned a reputation for being open and earnest in its hiring of the Deaf and other handicapped personnel.


The company takes this advocacy further as it funds the building of schools for the Deaf and it also responds constantly to the other needs of the less fortunate. For this and other corporate achievements, Dr. Cecilio Kwok Pedro and Lamoiyan Corporation has won many awards through the years.

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