Gumtect Pro Fluoride Varnish

Gumtect Pro Fluoride Varnish

For the treatment and prevention of dental caries and dentin hypersensitivity.

Gumtect Pro Fluoride Varnish is a hydrophilic topical dental varnish containing 5% Sodium Fluoride (22,600ppm fluoride). It is specially formulated to provide fluoride and calcium upon contact with saliva for the prevention of dental caries and desensitization of hypersensitive teeth.



Easy Application
Gumtect Pro Fluoride Varnish adheres well even to moist teeth which makes it suitable for use on children. It is also convenient to use since patients only need to brush their teeth prior to varnish application.


Prevents Dental Caries
Dental Caries are mainly caused by teeth demineralization due to acids produced by bacteria on teeth. Gumtect Pro Fluoride Varnish contains calcium, phosphate, and a high concentration of fluoride which promote teeth remineralization and make teeth more resistant to acid attacks.


Rapid Desensitization
With 5% Sodium Fluoride (22,600ppm Fluoride), Gumtect Pro Fluoride Varnish helps seal exposed dentin which is the main cause of hypersensitive teeth.


Pleasant Flavor and Formulated with Xylitol
Gumtect Pro Fluoride Varnish is formulated with a unique Tutti-Frutti flavor and sweetened with xylitol for a more appealing taste. Aside from its sweetening properties, xylitol is also known for its benefits in reducing plaque buildup and tooth decay.



Gumtect Pro Fluoride Varnish is an alcohol-based suspension of colophony rosin formulated with calcium to promote the formation of calcium fluoride which penetrates and seals dentin tubules. Gumtect Pro Fluoride Varnish also contains phosphate which reacts with calcium and fluoride to form fluorapatite which is essential in promoting teeth remineralization and protecting teeth from acid attacks.



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