Hapee Complete Toothpaste

Hapee Complete Toothpaste

It contains Green Tea & Guava Leaf Extracts that are rich in polyphenols and flavonoids, which are known for their natural benefits. Polyphenols are proven to stop the growth of mouth odor-causing bacteria that cause strep throat & dental caries. Flavonoids have anti-bacterial properties that aid in promoting healthy gums.

Hapee Complete Toothpaste provides cavity protection and is clinically proven to whiten your teeth. Regular usage gives you more than ten benefits for teeth and gum defense. It is your mouth’s perfect partner, as it helps to:


✓ fight bad breath

✓ toughen weak tooth enamel

✓ prevent tooth cavities

✓ shield from plaque build-up

✓ prevent tooth loss

✓ prevent tartar

✓ clean teeth all over

✓ whiten teeth

✓ promote healthy gums

✓ moisturize gums

✓ protect against harmful mouth bacteria

Available in 90g and 160g tubes in your favorite supermarket, grocery or drugstore.



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