Hapee NightMint Toothpaste

Hapee NightMint Toothpaste

Dreaming of a hapee smile? Soothe your senses with hapee Night Mint toothpaste, a relaxing blend of Chamomile calmness, peaceful peppermint and whitening wonder for a good night’s sleep, fresher morning breath, and whiter teeth.


Hapee Nightmint – The toothpaste that works overnight with Chamomile Extract

Chamomile Herbal Lore

As far back as Ancient Egypt, this natural relaxing herb was used to relieve stress and those suffering from insomnia. It was also revered as the “noble” herb for its ability to soothe headaches.

Having problems with morning breath? Did you know that bacteria are prone to multiply while we sleep? That is why most people wake up with morning breath which is a sign of bacteria build-up. Combat this with hapee nightmint toothpaste which has Triclosan and Silica that effectively kills and prevents the build-up of bacteria, giving your mouth that thorough cleaning even while you sleep! hapee nightmint toothpaste also contains Chamomile extract which helps in relieving stress and inducing calmness so you wake up to a fresher everyday! So get into the groove of fresher morning breath, only with hapee nightmint toothpaste.




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