Hapee Toothpaste

Hapee Toothpaste

Hapee Toothpaste is a proudly gawang pinoy toothpaste professionally accepted by the Philippine Dental Association. Its Mouth Defense Technology: Kills 99.9% of mouth bacteria, has Sugar Acid Defense that shields the teeth against sugar acid attacks and has flavor infused with natural antioxidants for strong teeth and gums for overall mouth protection.


Hapee Toothpaste has Maximum fluoride protection that shields the teeth from cavities and fights tooth decay and has intense freshness cooling for a fresher breath.


Hapee Toothpaste is available in 4 exciting flavors: Hapee Fresh and Cool White, Hapee Explosive Menthol Red, Hapee Outrageous Blue Chill, and Hapee Fresh Green Outburst.



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